HTML Energy

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the web0 movement has begun!
we have a shirt available, for a limited time. it has a brilliant green star on the front, and the text "html energy is all around us and in this very t-shirt. we just have to unlock it!" on the back.
pledge drive
dear reader of our diary,

as you can imagine, html energy needs your energy. if you’ve been enjoying our podcasts and / or our energy, please consider supporting us via our patreon page. when you support, your name will appear within our website’s source code. more info on our join page.


waiting for apple...
we are waiting for the apple podcasts to accept our podcast. time is ticking!

update: apple accepted. what a ride. glad to be here :)
this website 3.0
we re-launched this website with our podcast. please listen to it!
radio preview
we previewed some of the podcast on "domestic partner" with faye on wfmu. listen here. thanks faye!
virtual freewrite
html energy loves to be shared. so we did a virtual freewrite to circulate that energy. here is the invite! if you're interested in another freewrite, let us know and/or host your own :) !
to beta test of our meetup concept, we did an html freewrite experiment with a small group of people IRL. we talked about the power of html and drank water. at the end, we shared our html pages by booting a local python serever and sharing our local urls. highly recommended!
100 energies
energy is all around us. when we put our energy together we can do anything. here's a special page to celebrate 100 html energies.
we are looking for some friends who want to write html together in nyc. date tba. let's open our text editors on our computers and makes webpages, maybe even publish them on the www :)
our emoji
raw html energy is easily communicated without words, but just in case you need to tell people about it, you could use the html energy emoji ❇️ or the unicode equivalent ✧.
this website!
excited to send this site dedicated to html energy into the world. the energy already exists in every site. we just have to release it!