HTML Energy is seeking 3 angel investors to put some ⛽️ gas into our movement.

We believe that the best of the internet is yet to come and that its only through looking back, that we can create something better. We want to see a less corporate more personal web. We believe that these goals are achievable through better tools, platforms, and curation. We believe there is much to be explored when it comes to making websites and teaching people the power of writing HTML by hand. If you have the means, we hope that you will consider becoming an angel investor in HTML Energy.

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Angels will directly support...


We want to build tools and platforms that make HTML easy to learn, write, and publish.


What makes HTML special is its simplicity. Let's teach people of all ages to write HTML. Let's add HTML to curriculums around the world.


How can we make the web a better place to explore? How can we inspire people to approach HTML as you would anything that excites them in life? These are big questions we've been working on for years. Take a look at our podcast and the events we've organized so far. This is just the start!

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